Taste of Country and Mountain Jam Get Big Looks with Chauvet

June 2017

HUNTER MOUNTAIN, NY  – In keeping with the festival’s open and welcoming character, emerging artists are given star treatment during the festival. Like their chart topping counterparts, the newcomers were also supported by some big looks this year, thanks to an eye-popping lightshow on The Bud Light Stage that S. Jeremy Peters designed with CHAUVET Professional fixtures and controlled on a ChamSys PC Wing.

“I have done the site lighting for the festival before, and this year I took on the added responsibility of lighting the main stage for the early acts, none of whom had their own LD,” said Peters. “It’s a really big deal for these younger artists to appear at a popular festival like this with so many superstars. So, I wanted to light the stage in a bold way that projected a star image for these artists.”

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SJP in the News

Going Beyond the Stage: An Interview with J. Peters

Going Beyond the Stage: An Interview with J. Peters

Designers often talk about creating an “immersive environment” with their on-stage light show. S Jeremy Peters of SJP Productions takes this a step further by routinely extending his designs to off-stage elements.