Going Beyond the Stage: An Interview with Jeremy Peters

November 2017

Designers often talk about creating an “immersive environment” with their on-stage light show. S Jeremy Peters of SJP Productions takes this a step further by routinely extending his designs to off-stage elements. Nothing outside the stage is beyond the scope of Peters’ creative eye. He’s made trees at festivals sway with moving colors, accented architectural flourishes at concert halls with beams of light and even projection mapped massive sound panels to bring them into his multi-faceted designs.

Lighting the site as well as the stage broadens the designer’s color canvas, believes Peters, providing more ways to engage audiences. We saw firsthand the kind of enveloping magic that his off-stage designs can create when we saw his work at the recent Lockin’ Festival. Intrigued, we asked him to share some insights with us about extending lighting beyond the stage.

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