Digital Set Creation, Projection Mapping and Theatre Lighting

Joseph’s Dream is a modern theatre experience that tells the story of Jesus through the eyes of Joseph, his Earthly Father. The whole set was created digitally by SJP Productions and the play relied on projection mapping rather than traditional set design. This allowed us to provide a large, bright, detailed and incredibly dynamic set to the theatre experience – traditionally set to flat and unchanging scenery. The clouds move, the plants rustle in the breeze, and special effects resound throughout your peripheral vision for an immersive, surreal and living experience.

Joseph’s Dream had its premier at St. Joseph’s in Charlton, MA and was met with great success. In its second year, the show has grown, the set has evolved dramatically to involve a large stair structure, and choreography and special effects have been expanded. In 2016, Joseph’s Dream was performed at the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts in Worcester, and there are plans to bring this experience to stages and arenas around the world.


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